Mini Vortex Glue Shaker

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Who doesn't love a Gadget?!!...Our Mini Vortex Glue Shakers are a great time saving tool. Many Manufacturers recommend you shake your glue continuously for up to 30 seconds prior to use and some even more. Our shaker can give you the same results in just 3 seconds.

The Mini Vortex Glue Shaker completes and looks professional on any Lash work station. The shaker can also be used to mix Nail Polishes and Pigments.

To use, simply push the glue bottle gentle into the Silicone top until vibrations start. Hold for 3 seconds and remove. The shaker shall stop upon lifting.


Specifications also include:

- 3000 rpm mixing speed

- 230V

- UK 3 Pin Plug

- Special design Base/Feet to ensure stability

- product was original designed for Lab use, giving confidence its quality.