Ergonomic Lash Pillow

Ergonomic Lash Pillow

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This luxurious and extremely comfortable memory foam pillow will ensure the clients get the upmost comfort during their treatment whilst providing a much better lash experience for the technician. The pillow is designed to provide perfect support for the head, neck and shoulders whilst relieving pressure in the neck and shoulders for clients to ensure relaxation during treatments. The height of the pillow helps to reduce stress on the shoulders for lash technicians and to ensure a more comfortable lashing experience and increase in productivity. The flat sides allow space for the technician to place their equipment within easy reach to promote better isolation and speed up their treatments.

Our pillows can be used for many other beauty treatments within the industry. Covers are zippered and removable and made with a velvet finish. The pillow itself is made from non-allergenic memory foam which is toxic free and breathable.

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