Beauty Hearts!

Introducing LashAllure Beauty Hearts!

Earn 1 heart for every £1 you spend, 100 hearts = £1 voucher

 Step 1

Create an account today!

Create an account online to start earning your points. Don't forget to subscribe to newsletters to hear about exclusive events and new product launches!

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Step 2

Collect your beauty hearts!

Create an account

Earn 150 bonus hearts for creating your account!
(If you already have an account with us, we'll adjust your hearts accordingly.)


Collect beauty hearts with every order with us, for every £1 spent earns you 1 heart


Earn an exclusive 200 bonus hearts on your birthday!

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You can also earn bonus points through interacting with us on social media (more details coming soon!)

Step 3

Exchange your hearts for vouchers for your next shop!

Collect over 100 hearts and exchange them for voucher codes for your next order.

Either exchange as you earn or save them up to earn a bigger reward!

*Hearts can only be exchanged in multiples of 100