Why is photography vital for beauty brands?

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There was a time when your in-store beauty shopping meant testing products. However, that time is behind us today, and the 'new normal' means testing and sampling have taken a backseat. With eCommerce websites leading a new revolution of the shopping experience, online beauty brands have to rely on their product marketing skills. And that includes photography and using images extensively.

That is fine, but why is photography vital for beauty brands? Let us answer the question.

Photography for makeup brands

You can't really figure out shade-matching online, and that's why makeup visuals must show texture and tone as accurately as possible. Several brands are investing heavily in getting the right picture of swatches for all of their products. These products may be lipsticks, foundations, eye shadow, or brow gel. On top of it, some big brands use AI-controlled, highly visual tools to mimic in-stores testing.

What you'll need

  • Packshots
  • Swatches of your shade range
  • Products applied to models of different skin tones (depends on your budget)
  • How to use video
  • Before and after pictures for base products such as foundation.

Photography for hair care brands

Hair care brands cover a broader field than others. You need to check style, care, and colour with each category needing sub-categories with their visual needs to please customers. One way is to use 'before and afters' on different hair textures and types with some textures images. It will help you show the effect of your product ingredients.

When it comes to showing your product's styling and colour effects, "how to use?" video is the key. You can use the video to show the easy application while educating your customers on the different dyes available. It will help your customers make an informed purchase.

What you'll need

  • Packshots
  • Before and after pictures to show colour and style effects.
  • Swatches of texture
  • How to use video
  • Simple step-by-step pictures

Photography for skincare brands

Customers looking into skincare products are eager to see before and after pictures. It means you can consider these to add to your product page. Some online brands use packshots with authentic images of acne-prone skin showing before and after results of treatment. These visual pictures are proof of results and are pretty impactful on your customers, but you have to keep authenticity in mind. So, lighting is critical and keep airbrushing to the minimum.

What you'll need

  • Packshots
  • Before and after (maintain authenticity)
  • Lifestyle pictures
  • Step-by-step pictures
  • How to apply video

Photography for Fragrance brands

How do you depict your fragrance on the screen through pictures? That is the challenge for fragrance brands. However, expressive photography with clever copywriting can build a customer's scent experience. This experience leads the customer to buy your fragrance based on the lifestyle depicted.

What you'll need

  • Packshots
  • Texture images depicting fragrance notes
  • Lifestyle pictures
  • Campaign videos

Concluding note

With social media playing a pivotal role, product photography is something that every beauty brand needs right now. It creates a bridge between your brand and the customers while telling your brand story. So, focus up and start small with a camera, lighting, tripod and a good background. Check out our other blogs on Lash Allure.

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