Which tweezers to go for?

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Every lash artist needs eyelash tweezers for eyelash extension like a surgeon needs their scalpel. These little tools are designed to assist artists in getting that perfect lash with fine details. Tweezers are one of those few lash extension necessities you need from the start of the session to the end.

Hence, you must find the right tweezers for your job that are not only high-quality but suit your needs as well.

But which tweezers to go for?
Here is our guide on how to pick the right tweezers for your work.

The shape of the tips
It is the tweezers’ tip that can make all the difference as you will use them for different reasons, such as parting, fanning, and picking the eyelashes during the application.

Straight Tweezers are best suited for isolating the natural lashes ready to apply the extension. When looking for straight tweezers, it’s important to make sure they are pointed to be able to swiftly single out a natural lash and also that they can spread far apart enough to give ample space to apply extension.
Pointed Tweezers are designed to pluck that really thin and short hair. These are very sharp tweezers, so you need steady hands. Also, they are perfect for removing a splinter.
Angled Tweezers are the most useful tweezer tips in the market. The two edges make them universally applicable for various uses. You can use the long edge to grab multiple hairs at once, and then you can use the pointed edge to precisely pluck single hair.

The material

Tweezers are made from metals, while good-quality tweezers are made from durable and robust metals. If you have already replaced your tweezers more than twice, they weren’t quite the durable ones. A good, high-quality pair of tweezers like the ones on Lash Allure is made to last long.

The make

The well-made tweezers must satisfy two critical factors:
Tension: A tweezer must have ample tension that it can grab single hair easily, but it should be light enough not to strain your hand.
Perfectly aligned: When you press the tweezers, the tips should close without any space in between them. Since you will be working on a single hair, a space between the tips make the tweezer redundant.

Personal preference

While you search the market for the right tweezers and make your way through the catalogue of options, your personal preference is something to consider as well. There are a few things that you should ask yourself:

What kind of lashes do you use? Classic or volume?
Do you want to replace your isolation tweezers or pick-ups?
What dimensions of eyelash extensions do you use?

If doing Russian Volume, which techniques do you use to create your fan?
The perfect tweezers should feel right in your hands without straining them. Once you start a session with your client, your tweezers will work as your finger’s extension. If your tweezers don’t feel comfortable, your hands will develop fatigue, and you will lose concentration, and that’s not good for business. That’s why it is important to test run some tweezers and find out what works according to your style and technique. While your comfort is crucial, you need to check the lashes compatible with the different techniques you use.

Looking after your Tweezers

Many lash techs know the feeling you get when there’s a dreaded drop of your tweezers.  Do not neglect the care of eyelash extension tools. Store the tweezers in a secure case. Magnetic cases are perfect for storage. With the rigid shock-resistant frame, which will protect fragile tweezers from cracks and deformation, the tweezers are firmly fixed inside due to the magnet. Our magnetic cases have a convenient compact size so they do not take up much space too.

Take your time

As you would have realised by now, there is no single tool for the job. While some professionals use different tweezers for different tasks, some use different tweezers in each hand. We emphasise comfort again here since you will be holding your tweezers for a long time during the session. High-quality tweezers are made from stainless steel with a mixture of other metals to prevent corrosion. If you are looking for your new or next eyelash extension tweezers, check the Lash Allure collection. We provide the highest quality tweezers, exclusively developed alongside several industry-leading professionals. 

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