Pricing Your Lashing Services as a Beginner.

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Okay, so you have completed your lashing course for lash extension artist with flying colours, and you now have a lash artist certificate or license. You are ready to start your business, but how do you price your services at the beginning?
When you start pondering about the price of the services you will offer, consider these facts:
  1. All the investments you have made till this very moment: course cost, blood, sweat, tears, time, and energy.
  2. Cost of running your business per day: cost of materials you will use, rent of your shop, etc.
  3. Your valued service: Helping your neighbourhood women feel beautiful and confident about themselves. 

At first, you have to think carefully about your pricing strategy since it will help make or break your business.
Are you still practising your art?
When you start as a fresh lash artist, you will have some serious thinking to do to get that pricing right. So, while you are still in the middle of your training, you can have a look at this plan for a guide:
  1. Introduce your base price, keeping in mind your overall expenditure.
  2. Give an introductory discount on your full-set.
  3. You can offer this introductory discount for some time till you grow your clientele.
  4. Since most people will follow-up for infills, you can maintain your service prices.
Since it is your business, you can set the price yourself, but the general rule for a new artist is to aim at the higher end of the average market price. If you are confident enough, you aim even higher. If you intend to keep a higher price, you can gift your customer some little gifts after their appointment is over. These gifts can be something like eyelash brushes, etc.
As a business owner, you must keep an eye on your competitors and then plan your pricing accordingly. Visit them as a customer to check their services and notice what they are doing right or wrong. 
When should you charge the full price?
Being an amateur lash artist does not mean you should charge the lowest charge in the market. But it is also evident that you should not ask for the highest price in the market. It will come with time and experience. 
It is all about acknowledging your service’s worth first. If you are calm and steady during the treatment and your service is top-notch, opt for a rate that does justice to your work. But sometimes, a beginner can feel the jitters and insecurity with their work with obvious room for improvement. In that case, work on your skills while maintaining a base price and giving some form of discounts or offer or small gifts to keep your clients interested.
Pricing your services right is an essential step for a profitable business in the future. But as we mentioned earlier, you need to think carefully about your pricing strategy. There will be many hurdles in your way, but you keep your passion and art in mind to strive for the best. If you are looking for the best lash products, check out Lash Allure. Working with the best in the business, we have developed a range of high-quality products at the market’s best prices.

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