Lash extensions versus strip lashes

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Selecting between lash extensions and strip lashes is one of the most challenging choices ladies have to make. On top of it, the two terms are so similar that many ladies often confuse one for the other. “What? They are different?” Yes, beautiful ladies, lash extensions and strip lashes are two utterly different lash types with a specific application technique. If you are as baffled as we were when we got into the trade, we would advise you to stick around until the end because we will enlighten you today!


Let’s start with Lash Extensions.

Lash extensions consist of single lashes that a lash artist applies one by one alongside your natural lashes using special glue. Once applied, these lash extensions will behave like your natural lashes without any tugging or pulling.


Lash extensions are super comfortable to wear and slowly fall out along with your natural lashes. You can wear lash extensions daily to your office and go swimming or to bed in them. They usually last for 4-5 weeks, but you might have to get fill-ins every 2-3 weeks. You don’t have to worry about removing them, unlike strip lashes, as they stick to the natural lashes, making them more comfortable and safer. To care for your lash extensions, make sure you brush them twice every day so that the lashes point in the right direction.


While strip lashes may sound easy to use and throw, they are a bit of a hassle. You need to measure and trim them to the correct size, apply the glue and then wait until you can apply them. Just imagine doing this before your office in the morning. That’s not it! You have to remove them before bed and ensure no residual glue remains on your natural lashes.


For lash extensions, you have to head to your lash artist and spend an hour to 90 minutes for new lash extensions or 30 to 45 minutes for fill-ins once every two to three weeks. Once it’s done, you can enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about your lash extensions falling off.

Unlike strip lashes, lash extensions appear natural and indistinguishable. While different styles add to the drama, most people can’t tell. On top of it, if an experienced lash artist does their job perfectly, the client gets more than the desired result without the obviousness.


Strip lashes

Strip lashes are also called false eyelashes, and you can buy them from a store and apply it yourself. These lashes tend to be heavy because of the glue and attach to the edge of your eyelid. Because of their strip structure and sticky nature, any professional would advise you against sleeping with strip lashes on.


Have you heard about Demodex Folliculorum or Demodex Brevis? They are generally called lash mites, and they live in or close to the hair follicles. These mites feed on the oils, sebum, and mucus that your eyes secrete but are mostly harmless. But if you do not remove your makeup every time and do not clean your face and lashes properly, these mites can grow in numbers. That’s not good. At all!


Strip lashes are cheap, and their adhesives are equally affordable but with varying glue strength. If you misapply the glue, it can become tricky to remove and even rip your natural lashes.


Concluding note

While strip lashes seem the easy way out due to their low price and simple application, they are tricky devils. Imagine attending a party and dancing around, and your strip lash falls off. How embarrassing is that? Lash extensions offer that natural look while being hassle-free every day. Check out our range of lash extensions on Lash Allure.

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