Importance of Lash Mapping for Lash Artists

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Importance of Lash Mapping for Lash Artists

Lash mapping is a technique used by lash artists to keep both eyes completely even. Generally, lash artists discuss the lash shape with their clients and based on the information and their own experience; they write down the length they want to use on lash pads.

Lash maps are an under eye pad which is placed on the client. It helps the artist decide the length of extensions to use and create a set that complements a client's features and eye shape.

The importance of lash mapping to lash artists is much like the importance of a game plan for a winning football team. It is more like a systematic approach that helps artists apply the right density and dimension to their client's lashes.

Lash artists use this technique again and again to recall the length and location of their client's desired lash look.

In this post, we will discuss the importance of lash mapping for lash artists, but before that, let's get to know how it is created.

How to Create a Lash Map

It's important to understand that there are numerous styles and techniques you can use to create a lash map. Therefore, we recommend taking professional training. Even if you have had training before, checking out specific tutorials and techniques will be an advantage to the ongoing development of your skills.

The length of the extensions you use should be according to the client's natural eyelash length, thickness, and health. Sometimes loading lashes with extensions can cause premature fallout and other damage. As a general rule of thumb, you should use your lash pad to design defined zones which will help you map different lengths to achieve the perfect look for your client.


Why You Should Lash Map

Lash mapping allows an artist to keep everything clear when working with layers. It helps the artist know what type of eyelash they are working with.

When you apply an eyelash map, you are able to attain symmetry between a series of extensions. Nothing can be worse than one eye looking inconsistent or thicker than the other.

With proper lash mapping, you can achieve a wide range of extension styles that suit your client's eyes and features.

Lash mapping also helps you save some time by letting you create the perfect range of eyelash extensions in less time and refer back to your lash map time and again.

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