How to select your perfect style for your client?

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As one working on eye styling for your clients, you have to pick the right lash mapping depending on their eye and face shape. The anatomy contains eye shape, width, depth, the position of the eyebrow, etc. The right style is the one that brings out your client's best features. Sometimes, eyelash extensions do the opposite for your client, and they look hideous even though you used the correct technique. To give you an idea, if your client looks better and beautiful without the extensions than with them, then you picked the wrong mapping.

There are five main effects in basic eye styling. You can pick them according to your client's eye features when using lash mapping to put on the markings.

Cat Eye effect

The kitten eye effect is quite popular. The effect involves the length of the extensions increasing from the inner corner to the outside. With this effect, your client's outer extensions will always be longer than the eye's inner or middle ones. Although you can always vary the extensions' length according to your client's needs, you must ensure their current condition to overweight the natural lashes.

One advantage of this style is that it stretches and narrows the natural eye shape while lifting the outer corners. You can give small curls to provide an overall dramatic effect.

Natural effect

It is much easier to achieve a natural eye effect. All you have to do is shift from the smallest lash length on the inner corner on nearly ¼ of the eyelid to the prime eyelash length. Since you are working on the natural eye effect, you would gradually increase the length and have the longest about a 2/3rds across and then gradually start to drop down.

Open eye effect is also another popular look. This is achieved by having the longer length extensions applied to the middle of the eye with gradual drops in length on both sides evenly. 

There you have it, folks! Some basic yet effective eye effects that you can use for your clients. At Lash Allure, we make premium, high-quality products like which you can use along with mapping and create the bespoke looks. We hired experts and professionals in the field to curate all these products without any compromise to quality and standards. So you get the best for your bucks!

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