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When you get a chance to get thicker, well-defined, and dark eyebrows, you will jump on that chance because we all want it! You use all kinds of beauty methods, from waxing, threading to colouring them. And brow tints have been in the beauty market for quite some time, offering colour ranges for your beloved eyebrows.

But here’s the thing; brow tints use strong chemicals to get the desired colour, and you can imagine what these chemicals will do to your brow and skin.

Delving more into details, here are some other cons of brow tints:

Not long-lasting

Brow tints last for 2-4 weeks, and after that, you need to get an appointment with your local salon for the next round. That is a time and budget-consuming process. While you may save on budget with cheaper products, they all take the same time to apply. And do you seriously want to invest in inferior products that will only do you more harm in the long run?

Skin irritation

Since these brow tints use chemical-based dyes, it makes vital to test them carefully. Although generic brands mention different skin-friendly levels for their products, the truth is far beyond that. It means you need to be careful about what you invest in and it's chemical composition. What’s more? If you use a brow tint that does not suit your skin, you can get skin irritation and other allergies.

Some maintenance

You must remember how much you scrub your face since hard and vigorous scrubbing might remove the dye or lighten the tint shade. Apart from it, you also have to watch how much sun exposure you get. This is because too much sun exposure will also affect how long your brow tint last. And while face-washing, one needs to use pH-stabilized face wash to not react with your brow tint.

Don’t lose your heart just yet, our queens? There are competent brands like Hendi, which make eyebrow henna just for you.

Here’s why Hendi eyebrow henna is better than brow tint and perfect for brow technicians and home users.

Hendi is a better option for chemical tints.

Hendi uses natural henna with a small portion of chemicals to give you a perfect eyebrow colour. Henna is a lush green plant with strong pigmentation properties; it is the ideal alternative for brow tints.

Hendi lasts longer

Hendi and other brow tints are semi-permanent pigments. They both appear darker during the initial days and slowly face away with time. But eyebrow henna by Hendi lasts longer in comparison. Since henna colours your brow and skin, the skin pigment stays for a long time. That’s when you know you need to see your brow technician again.

Hendi is mild on your skin.

Unlike brow tints, eyebrow henna has far fewer chemicals. That means people with sensitive skin can also use Hendi without much bother. Henna has several medical properties, so not only do you improve your visual appearance, but it also revitalizes your skin.

Concluding note

Hendi offers the perfect eyebrow tint with natural healing properties of henna that lasts long. It works perfectly for brow technicians and home users who want stunning results with minimum side effects. Check out the complete range of eyebrow henna by Hendi on Lash Allure.

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