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Lash artistry is not a “learn-it-all-in-a-day” profession. Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, a lash artist will keep learning and improving every day to become an expert in their field. While every lash artist learns the same thing, it is about how you mix your style into the art to give your clients a “class apart” service.


Here are some tips to make your lash application a tad better


Maintain cleanliness

When your client arrives, you should make sure to start with perfectly clean lash fans. If they are not clean, you must ensure to clean them before applying them. Cleanliness is not only vital for your business, but it also helps prevent any eye infection. The same goes for your equipment.


The right gel pad

Before you begin lash application onto your client, you need to apply a gel pad under their eyes. To use the right gel pad, you need to evaluate your client’s bone structure surrounding the eye. If your client has small eyes or high cheekbones, it is best to use a mini gel pad. Since a full-size gel pad can develop folds and bulges, it will be uneasy for you to reach the lashes. If you do not have mini gel pads, you can simply cut the full size according to your client’s bone structure.


Natural is the standard style.

It is sometimes tricky for beginner lash artists to decide what style they choose for their clients. It is natural to have these, and when you do, you should obey the natural growth of the client. Generally, the inner and outer corners are short, while the mid-eye to off-centre regions have the longest lashes. Once you gain experience, you will also gain the confidence to pick a style.


Handling your client’s watering eyes

Sometimes your client’s eyes can start watering, and when it does, you need to stop your work and confront the situation. Generally, it tends to be the stickies that loosen up, or the client opens their eyes. You must make sure that the tape or the pads are not touching the eye at all. If you ignore it, the situation could lead to sclera abrasion.


Keep the extensions straight.

Some of your clients will not have straight lashes. If this happens, you can affix the lash extension carefully at the natural lashes’ base. Once you attach the lashes, ensure that they are standing up straight. Although these lashes tend to be challenging to apply, but slowly and with practice, you’ll master the art.


Concluding note

Lash application takes time and patience to master; meanwhile, you will learn how different styles would work. Don’t be scared to make mistakes but keep an open mind to learn from those mistakes. At the same time, you should work on how to spread your business. You can check out more blogs at Lash Allure.

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