Eyebrow Henna vs Brow Tint

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Everyone wants healthy and beautiful brows. You thread/ wax brows regularly to maintain their shape and colour them to make them thick and dark. But that is not enough for healthy brows. You have to take good care of your eyebrows to make them healthy.
Do you know how to maintain your brows? For starters, you can keep an eye on the products you use on your brows.
One thing everyone does to make their eyebrows thick and defined is tinting. A tint is a semi-permanent chemical dye that is not good for your skin. The healthy alternative is eyebrow henna.
Keep reading to know more about the notable differences between Henna and Tint.
Natural v/s chemical
Henna is a plant with lush green leaves that has pigmentation properties. These leaves are crushed and powdered to obtain an orange-brown shade for cosmetic uses. These are purely natural and plant-based pigments and won't harm your brows.
As you may know, tint is not made of any natural material and can cause skin damage in the long run.
Which one stays more?
Both eyebrow henna and brow tints are semi-permanent pigments. They would be darker in the initial days and slowly fades away as days pass. But the eyebrow henna lasts comparatively longer than brow tints.
Henna pigments the brows and the skin, and the pigment on the skin stays for a longer time. The skin pigmentation from brow tint fades away in 1-3 days. So, if you want a long-lasting colour go for henna.
Colour Range
Henna is a natural product, and its colour ranges from dark reddish-brown to pale orange. Although different shades come under this colour range, no other colour option is available for Henna Brows.
Brow tints come in black and other dark colours and can be customized based on your need. A specialist can easily make the colours similar to your natural brow colour with brow tints.
So, if you are looking for noticeable and darker brows, pick henna brows. For brow colours similar to your natural colour or subtle definition, brow tint would be more suitable.
What suits you?
The ultimate goal is to look good. So, go ahead and choose the one that suits your hair colour and skin type. Here is how you can select the product based on your hair colour.
Ashy Tone: If your hair colour is blond with ashy tones, tint would be better. The tint makes your brow dark and defined, which matches with the blond hair. But the henna imparts a saturated red-orange colour. That won't suit your brow's warm colour from the henna.
Warm tone: If you are a redhead, henna is the best choice for you. The reddish-brown henna pigments match well with the brown to red colour of your hair. But if you are ready for an experiment, tinted black eyebrows won't be bad for redheads.
Now you know the difference between both types of pigmentation, you can go ahead and select which option is best for you. We suggest you go for natural Henna or Henna enriched products for your brows. This not only makes your eyebrows look beautiful, but is also suitable for healthy skin and brows. To know more about Brow Hennas and to purchase our Hendi Range of Henna products, visit LashAllure.

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