“Do pre-made fans affect retention?” Answering some misconceptions

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While artists worldwide are using pre-made fans, the lash industry is still divided on their use. Many expert-level artists feel that pre-made fans lack creativity and the art itself. Apart from that, the market is full of misconceptions and half-truths like “pre-made are pre-glued and too heavy.” Some even believe pre-made fans damage the normal lashes and the eyes. And the biggest misconception of them all: Pre-made fans affect retention.

But what is the truth? Do pre-made fans really affect retention? If that is true, they must have bad wrapping.

Let us answer all the misconceptions surrounding pre-made fans and their usage.

For starters, a pre-made fan consists of two to fourteen lashes glued or heat bonded together. The whole idea behind pre-made fans is to save the artist’s time and get a consistent finish every time. An artist does not have to create fans by hand every time they are with a client, which saves a lot of time.

Pre-made fans are expensive.

Not every manufacturer makes high-quality pre-made fans, and not all high-quality pre-made fans are pricey. The fact is dependent on the kind of supplier you have, and if you own a salon, you need to address the service price accordingly. This way, you can easily cover the related costs of your time, taxes, products, and services. You will never find pre-made fans charged like Russian fans, but they are costlier than classics and less than Russian when you compare the time to apply. Your average Russians take around 2-2.5hrs to apply. 

Pre-made are pre-glued and too heavy.

Some of it is true! How? Because the early pre-made lashes were crude and, thus, over glued with large bases. The mass-production of such lashes meant they were terrible and, therefore, the misconception. Lash Allure makes our pre-made fans using the best quality Korean PBT fibres, making them with minimal glue, or in the case of our Platinum Collection Heat Bonded bases. All the pre-made fans from Lash Allure are thin, sharp, and pointed to ensure you get the best retention and most comfortable outcome for your clients. 

Pre-made fans damage lashes

The fact is it all comes down to your method and process of applying the pre-made fans. Often some amateur artists over-extend and poorly isolate the lashes, and that damages the client’s lashes. When it comes to eyelash extensions, you always have to keep lash health in mind. But some people tend to confuse pre-made fans with party lashes or clusters, and it is entirely wrong. 

Pre-made fans affect retention

Pre-made fan retention is the most significant doubt in the artist’s and client’s minds. But several factors affect the length of retention. To ensure your client gets the maximum retention, we advise you to go through this checklist:

  • The lashes should be clean
  • Type of adhesive and quantity used
  • Correct lash length and weight
  • Surface area covered
  • Placement angle
  • Secure bonding
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Client aftercare

At Lash Allure, we make sure all our products are made from high-quality material, keeping artists’ and professionals’ needs in mind. Our pre-made fans are safe to use and stylish at the same time. They allow you to experiment while saving time and money and giving top-notch service to your clients. You can discover the complete range of Lash Allure pre-made fans and other products at Lash-allure.co.uk

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