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No makeup is complete without eyebrow colouring; eyebrows are one of the best
features of a woman's face. But to keep them in perfect shape and size, you have to
groom them well and take care of them. There are several cosmetic products available
on the market for eyebrow shaping, colouring, and thickening. And you cannot pick any
random product for your brows; a wrong product can damage the thickness of your
brows and ruin its shape. But, on the other hand, good products and proper care can
make your brows grow healthier and beautiful. Here is how you can create the perfect
eyebrows for all your special occasions.

● Align: Using a tweezer, check if your brows are aligned. Place the tweezer
horizontally against the inner edge of your eyebrow and the side of your nose; if
the tweezer makes a straight line, it is aligned. If it doesn't mark the point on
your brow that gives perfect alignment. Likewise, align the tip of the brown with
the side end of your nose and mark the spot.

● Map: Begin your eyebrow grooming with mapping; it gives you an idea of the final
look of your eyebrows. For easy and precise outlines, use Hendi Pre Inked
Mapping String; it provides clear and light lines for perfect shaping.

● Colour: This is one of the essential parts of eyebrow grooming; it gives thickness
to your brows and brightness to your face. But before getting into colouring, clean
your eyebrows with cotton and water; make sure you don't have any dirt sticking
on your brows. Then choose a colour from the Hendi Brow henna that suits your
skin tone, mix it well and paint it carefully. Always use a small brush for colouring

to avoid mistakes and make sure that you are painting inside the outline and not
spreading out of the map. Finally, clean the extra colour on the skin ASAP with a
wet cloth and wash the paint off your brows at the prescribed time.

● Wax: Wax outside the mapping to remove unwanted hair and create a defined

● Pluck: Pluck away the tiny extra hairs that fall outside the map using a tweezer
that you haven’t managed to get with the wax. Plucking gives an outline shape to
your brows.

● Trim: Eyebrows won't grow the way we want them to grow, and to make them in
our desired shape, trim them using scissors and brush. Brush your brows
upwards and downwards and cut the area that falls outside your outline. Always
begin from the inner edge and move towards the outer end and make the cuts
clear. And don't cut the tiny hairs at the end; you will need it for the perfect shape
of your brows.

● Enjoy: Your brows will be looking bolder and cute after these steps. So put on an
outfit and go out for dates, functions, and all other occasions. Your brow will look
excellent and the same for weeks.

You have to be very conscious of the product while colouring your brow; eyebrow tints
contain many chemicals. In addition, such products can stunt the natural growth of your
brows; always go for products that have natural components in them, such as Henna.

The Hendi Brows by Lash Allure is the best brow dye; it has natural Henna to ensure
your eyebrows' growth. The Hendi Brow kit comes with six different colours of Hendi

brows, rose water, scrub, brush, and dappen dish. This kit is all you want to groom your
brows, so buy it now and check it yourself!

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