Are Premade Fans Cost-effective

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Are Premade Fans Cost-effective
Over the past few years, the popularity of the eyelash extension has skyrocketed. Beginning with classic lashing, where one extension was bound to a natural lash, the industry has seen several innovations in services and products. Premade fans are one of the most interesting innovations in the industry, saving a lot of time for the lash artists and clients.
A premade fan is a collection of two to fifteen lashes that are heat bonded or glued together at the base. The aim of premade fans is to save an artist’s time and give a consistent finish. They won’t need to create fans by hand that will naturally save time to a great extent. Moreover, comparatively premade fans give clients a fuller look without too much difficulty..
When you blend lashes together, it adds bulk to the base of the fan. And after dipping them into adhesive, the base becomes heavier. 
A lot of lash artists don’t realise, but premade fans save a lot of time, and therefore they are considered more cost-effective for the client without compromising on the end result.
Time is money for Lash Artists, and Premade Fans Help Them Save Both
Premade fans are made out of eye-pleasing, a delicate black lash fibre and are as good as handmade fans. The only difference is, premade fans save you time and give a perfect finish. When you can guarantee perfect results with reduced treatment period, you can ensure increasing your client satisfaction levels. Clients won’t hesitate to pay more if you promise to give beautiful lashes in a much more comfortable time frame. At LashAllure, we provide premade fans, which are incredibly cost-effective in comparison to those already existing on the market. 
You Provide Complete Customer Satisfaction
Being a lash artist, making your client satisfied should be your top priority. In training, you might have been taught to give a particular style to a specific eye shape. However, if your client is willing to have something fuller or longer, then why not indulge them?
Sometimes, clients don’t want to wait so long, in that case, premade fans help you ensure that your clients are fully satisfied and happy within the limited treatment period. Remember, a happy and satisfied client guarantees a returning customer!
You Should Evolve with the Industry
Undoubtedly, Premade fans can’t replace cleaning, priming, and styling and don’t even skip the invaluable pre and post-treatment steps. However, premade fans are in trend as they are easier to use than handmade volume fans. Artists who are new and want to save time during appointments can find premade fans exceptionally useful. It wouldn’t be wrong to say these fans are simply a sign of the times and you should also evolve with the times.
 Are Premade fans cost-effective
 Considering the fact that premade fans save a lot of time and help you satisfy your clients, we can safely say that premade fans are worth-investing in. At LashAllure, we have a wide range of premade fans, original and platinum premade fans. Original Premade fans come in 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and 9D, whilst Platinum Premade fans come in 3D, 5D, 8D, 10D, and 12D. To see the price and variety, visit

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