Are Henna Brows Safe to Use?

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Cosmetic professionals widely use henna brows for colouring brows. But what are henna brows? Henna is a plant-based dye used to pigment skin and hair and is obtained by crushing and powdering Henna leaves. Professionals did not use that in cosmetic treatments until people started switching to natural products over chemical ones. Now henna is one of the most popular products for hair and eyebrow colouring. It is mainly due to its appeal as a plant-based and natural product. 

But are they chemical-free? Let's take a look.


Henna Brows

Henna brow was a revolutionary product when it first appeared in the market. But will you be shocked to know that henna brow isn't wholly natural? 

The henna brows produced by cosmetic companies use different types of chemicals for several purposes. Some of these chemicals are regular dye chemicals that can cause allergies. So, you have to keep certain things in mind before opting for henna brows.

Most of the Henna brows contain a chemical called PPD, which gives it the black colour. Don't go for black henna brows if you are allergic to PPD and if you are not sure about it, take a patch test beforehand. The lighter colours are safe to use as they do not contain PPD.


Things you should know before using henna dye.

The henna brow is a semi-permanent dye, and it will stay on your eyebrows for a considerable amount of time. But when the colour starts to fade away, it leaves an orange tint on your brows. That is due to the natural ingredient in it and is normal. 

Skin type has a role to play.

 Henna brows stay longer on oily skin than regular dyes so, if you are tired of frequently colouring your brows with synthetic dye, go for Henna dye.  


Little room for errors

Henna brow colours your skin and hair faster than regular dye, and you can't remove henna brow with a traditional brow dye remover. So, if an error occurs while applying henna on your brows, it most likely stays there till the colour fades out. Always approach a professional for henna dying your brows for clear, precise, and well-defined brows.


Additional tips

  • Never apply henna brows on broken or damaged skin.
  • Always do a patch test before applying new products.
  • Pick the colour that matches the colour of your hair.
  • Try to avoid products with chemical compounds in them.



Brows are one of the beautiful features of the face, and everyone loves to keep it bold and beautiful. But using unsafe products on your brows can damage that forever, so choose products for your brows that are safe. LashAllure's latest Hendi Brow Henna is a UK-approved and regulated product and is safe for your brows. The natural products in it not only colour your brows but also enhance its growth. It is available in six different shades, and you can mix them to get your desired colour. Visit LashAllure to know more about other products for brows.

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